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22 uses for silica gel

If you buy a new bag and find the silica gel inside it, don’t throw it in the trash because there are plenty of uses for silica gel. Please keep reading.

Everyone knows waste damage to our planet. If you and I and others reduce the production of household waste, we will contribute to the nappy life on this planet.
So I’m going to publish a series (do not throw it in the trash) to share the benefits and recycling methods of many things we used to throw in the trash.
Perhaps we can together eliminate the pollution, save the life on our planet, and of course saving money.

Don’t throw silica gel in the trash!!

Have you ever wondered about the uses of white silica? When you buy new shoes or bag you may notice a white bag inside it called Silica Gel, which is also found in the boxes of electrical appliances and others, so what are the uses of silica and are they toxic?

21 uses for silica gel
In fact, these white bags contain silica gel, the main use of which is to absorb moisture in the containers of shoes and tools, and also to get rid of bad odours.
It is a poisonous substance where it should be kept away from children and pets, but nevertheless, it should not be thrown into the garbage because it has a lot of useful uses at home.

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