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Whole 30 Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing. While some dishes are love-it or hate-it, ranch dressing is more of a love-it or completely-obsessed-with-it type condiment that we generally can’t get enough of. Whether it’s dipping carrots and celery sticks into it – veggies that are really just vehicles for eating more of the dip itself – or dipping mozzarella sticks into it, ranch is one of those dips that really just makes everything better. Everything. However, if you have a ranch dressing obsession (trust us, you’re not alone), it can sometimes take a turn for the worse (when you accidentally have way too much) and turn into a dish that has a tendency to derail the best of your nutritional plans. But not anymore.


This is Whole 30 ranch that’s a non-dairy, lightened up version of our favorite dressing. Whole 30 is a 30-day diet that focuses on eating proteins and vegetables, while simultaneously avoiding processed foods, dairy, sugar and alcohol. For those thinking about trying the diet or just trying to focus on healthy eating without wanting to sacrifice flavor, this ranch is for you. To make this recipe non-dairy we use almond milk and oil-based mayonnaise, then pack in a ton of flavor, so you don’t even notice the lack of dairy. Even if you don’t typically use non-dairy products, you don’t notice them at all when you’re dipping into this addictively flavorful dip!

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