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White vinegar is such an effective cleaner. Here are 11 powerful uses

8. Get rid of pit stains
While we’re on the topic of your underarms, here’s an embarrassing question: Do you have any white shirts that you can no longer wear because of the yellowish stains in the arm pits? You’re not alone! In fact, Pop Sugar has a fix for that with a concoction that uses – you guessed it – white vinegar!

9. Pet odor and stain remover
If you’ve got a furry friend at home, chances are you also have the stains and odor that comes with our four-legged companions. Try this recipe from 2 Moms Natural Skincare for a stain and odor remover that uses white vinegar to rid your home of these unpleasantries.

10. Fruit and vegetable wash
Water along won’t remove all the toxic pesticides from your produce, but adda bit of white vinegar and you’ll be chemical-free! Check out this article from Daily Health Post for the vinegar-to-water ratio and more information on cleaning your fruits and veggies.

11. Oven deep cleaner
If you’re anything like us, you absolutely dread cleaning your oven because that nasty gunk is so darn hard to remove. Not anymore! eHow is showing us how an easy way to give our ovens a deep cleaning that’ll leave it sparkling. It’s a miracle!

Which of these ways are you going to use white vinegar from now on? Don’t you wish you knew these hacks earlier? Spread the knowledge with your friends who live a healthy, natural lifestyle. We’re sure they’ll thank you!