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White vinegar is such an effective cleaner. Here are 11 powerful uses

Sure, vinegar is a staple ingredient in many dishes, but it is also a surprisingly useful tool for using around your home. It can be used in natural, homemade cleaners and may just eliminate the need to buy many household items from the store.
We’ll take you through some of the most effective and powerful uses for this common ingredient that we bet you already have in your pantry. Save money and keep your home chemical-free with these simple and useful DIY creations that’ll make you wish you knew these uses for white vinegar sooner!

1. DIY fabric softener
Overthrow Martha has a super simple recipe for all natural fabric softener. Combined with rubbing alcohol (or vodka) and the essential oil of your choice (we think lavender would be amazing!), white vinegar makes a potent and chemical-free fabric softener that’ll help you “go green” and save you some cash!

2. Orange vinegar cleaner
White vinegar makes a powerful cleaner, but let’s just say that the smell isn’t the most pleasant. Infuse it with orange peels, however, and your nostrils are in for a treat (and your home is in for a deep cleaning!). Find the recipe at Bren Did. In addition to the tutorial, she also lays out how to dilute the mixture for different purposes – from a bathroom cleaner to a multi-purpose mix.

3. Natural weed killer
Forget using harsh chemicals on your lawn or in your garden! Double the Batch shares a super simple, 3-ingredient recipe that’ll kill pesky weeds and allow your flowers or grass to grow naturally. All you need is white vinegar, epsom salts and dish soap.

4. Air deodorizer
If you love a fresh smelling home, but don’t want to keep shelling out cash for brand names like Glade or Febreze, Inspirational Mama has a DIY solution for you! At just 15 cents a bottle, this simple mixture might just become a staple in your house.​

5. Freshen up your front loading washing machine
Front loading washing machines have a lot of benefits, like saving electricity and being easier to unload clothes from. But they can be notoriously stinky and leave your clothes smelling like mildew. If this sounds familiar, see what Dr. Karen S. Lee says about using white vinegar to rid your washer of smells for good! She has step by step instructions that’ll solve all your laundry problems!

6. DIY dusting spray
Popular brands of dusting spray, like Pledge, do their job well, but they also come packed with chemicals. If you want to rid your home of harsh additives, try this DIY dusting spray recipe from Pins and Procrastination, which uses white vinegar, olive oil and essential oils to do just as good of a job as the store bought stuff!

7. DIY natural deodorant
Did you know that many store bought deodorants contain toxic ingredients, such as aluminum? If you want to live a more natural, chemical-free lifestyle, consider making your own, all natural deodorant that actually works! Follow the recipe and usage instructions from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.

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