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Water Chart: Calculate How Much Water You Should Drink According To Your Weight

We are constantly advised to drink water, and for a reason: water is the natural elixir of health, beauty and wellbeing!

The consumption of water will energize you throughout the day, it will improve your complexion, health condition, and will help you lose excess weight.

Nevertheless, although we are aware of the impact it has on our entire health, we often neglect it.

According to a recent research, the consumption of just 2 cups of water before meals can help dieters lose additional 5 pounds annually and help you keep up that steady rise.

So, can you imagine what would have happened if we drank the right amount of water our body needs?

A practice of this kind can stimulate our metabolism and reduce the urge for overeating. This is due to the fact that we may often think that we are hungry, when we are in fact only thirsty.  So, as we know and repeated once more that it is of vital importance to drink as much water as our body needs, there are a few more things are left unclear. First of all, how can we learn how much water do we need to drink, which factors determine this amount? Moreover, does this amount vary from person to person?

Well, in order to explain all this, we will reveal the most important things concerning this issue, and will provide some useful tips on how to calculate the amount of water you need to consume, in order to trigger weight loss and enhance your health.

  • Discover your weight. Depending on their body weight, people find out how much water they need to drink. Therefore, you need to know your exact weight.
  • Your weight divided in half. Now, divide your weight by 1/2 to get the result. For instance, if you weigh 190 pounds: 1/2 = 95 ounces. Consequently, we have just calculated that a person who weighs 190 pounds should drink 95 ounces of water daily.
  • Activity level. The third factor that you need to consider is your activity level. It is very important since you sweat and expel water in the process of exercising, so you need to compensate the lost amount of water. It is believed that you should add 12 ounces of water to your recommended amount for every 30 minutes of a workout, meaning that you need to add 24 ounces of water to your daily amount for an hour of exercise.

For a more precise measurement, the chart below will be of great help, as it will calculate the needed amount of water for you. Nevertheless, you should not forget the amount you need to add if you workout.

After you calculate how much water you need to drink, you should keep track of how much you have consumed during the day. In order to do so, a special container for water will help you control the consumed amounts.

Furthermore, if you believe that the consumption of more than 100 ounces a day is almost impossible, we will offer a few useful tips which can ease it for you:

First of all, try drinking 2 cups of water (16 ounces) before meals. This is 48 ounces a day. Then, drink two more, one immediately after you get up, and one before you go to sleep. That’s another 32 ounces.

The rest is simple to be divided and consumed throughout the whole day.

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