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This Recipe Might Make You A Vegetarian – YUM!

My sister has a large garden – well, some might even call it gigantic. She and her family love growing their own vegetables but at some point they got a little carried away! Before we knew it they were growing enough veggies for all their loved ones, too, and after a while they started selling some of the excess to friends and neighbors. It is a win-win situation for everyone; they really love what they’re doing, they get a bit of extra income for it – and the rest of us get to enjoy super scrumptious veggies!

You really can tell the difference between high quality, homegrown vegetables and the overproduced ones you get from the grocery store. My picky eaters wouldn’t eat anything with veggies, but when my sister started bringing them in, everything changed.
We really enjoy making vegetables dishes now! This veggie casserole is one of our favorites. It’s actually a side dish but it’s so tasty that we often serve it as the main dish! I guarantee your whole family will love this casserole and it will become a staple in your dinner routine!

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