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This Is An Effective Way To Destroy All The Cockroaches In Your House

There is no doubt that none of us likes to see a cockroach in the house, but apparently, they are not easy to be destroyed.
Namely, they can vanish and reappear again soon. Moreover, they leave a horrible odor after them, and the commercial products on the market against cockroaches are simply loaded with dangerous chemicals.
Yet, there is a recipe that effectively eliminates cockroaches, and does not include any of those toxic ingredients. This is how to prepare it:
In a raw egg yolk, pour 30-50 grams of boric acid powder (borax or boric powder acid), and stir well, in order to get a slurry mixture. Then, make small balls from the mixture, with a diameter of 1cm, and leave them to dry.
After an hour, when they are completely dry, you can place them all around the house, on common areas for these unpleasant visitors, corners, in the kitchen, in the bathroom.
Yet, you should keep in mind that these places should be visible from the point of cockroaches, like kitchen cabinets, shelves, closets, and racks.
Initially, cockroaches will come out of curiosity, and will go and investigate the boric ball. They will start to touch them with the mustache, and that is all that is needed for them to be destroyed, even before they can warn the others about the danger.

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