Insanely delicious Steak marinade recipe that’s been a favorite in our family for years. Comes together in minutes and you won’t believe the incredible flavor! Try it!
Best Flank Steak Marinade Ever – easy recipe that uses 6 common ingredients and produces a flavorful, juice steakSave
This steak marinade recipe has been in our family for years (Thanks Aunt Pam!) and continues to be one of our favorites. We love it with flank steak but really any type of steak works well. Below I used steak from the Zaycon Steak Sampler pack– it was so tender and delicious! {If you haven’t heard of Zaycon Foods, you need to check them out! They offer high quality, fresh meats at a huge discount! It’s how I buy all my meat! It’s so much cheaper than grocery store prices and the quality of the meat is amazing. See if Zaycon delivers in your area here!}
THE BEST STEAK MARINADE: Butter with A Side of BreadSave

This really is the BEST Steak Marinade ever! It’s very simple to make as it uses just 6 ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry. Marinade for 3-6 hours, depending on the type of steak you’re using. Small, thin round steaks take less time to marinade than flank steak, but I love flank steak, so that’s what I use most often. The marinade yields a flavorful, juicy steak that everyone loves. It’s reminiscent of teriyaki with a slight twist- try it and you’ll see what I mean!

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