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The BEST Egg Salad

You know how when you order an egg salad sandwich out somewhere it’s always somehow creamier and more delicious than you can ever seem to make it at home? We could never quite figure out why, or what it was that our egg salad was missing… until we came across this version. See, the secret ingredient here gives you the creamiest, BEST egg salad you could hope for. The flavor is restaurant quality but it has the comfort that only comes from home-cookin’. We doubt we’ll ever turn to another egg salad recipe again…

So what is that secret ingredient, you ask?

Cream cheese!

It still has mayo in the base to give it that quintessential flavor, but the cream cheese adds a richer depth that we’ve been looking for in our egg salad recipe for years. We know it may seem unexpected… we know it’s a little odd… but you just have to give it a try.

You just whisk the cream cheese and mayo together as your first step, before stirring in some garlic powder, celery salt, and salt and pepper. (And be cautious with that additional salt, since the celery salt is already, you know, salty.) From there, you add your hard-boiled eggs, which you can chop first, or just toss in the bowl whole and mash up with a fork before mixing it all together. A handful of fresh herbs finishes it off nicely – you can use whatever you like best; we love tarragon or dill in particular. And just like that you have the BEST egg salad you’ll ever taste!

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