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Stone Coat Countertops (epoxy!)

There’s tons of info out there on countertop epoxy, but when I decided this was something I wanted to do in our kitchen as a much more cost effective alternative to real stone, I struggled to find an exact tutorial for the subtle marble look we wanted as many tutorials are bright colors or had a lot going on, so I hope this helps someone else looking for the same thing!

We we’re looking at a cost of almost $3000 to replace our counters with marble but this isn’t our forever home so I took to google and found “Stone Coat Countertops” and figured I’d be the Guinea pig for all of you wanting to do this! This project cost $300 and according to the company and thousands of reviews, it will last for years.

I learnt A LOT during the process and this is a lengthy tutorial to explain everything so you don’t need to make the mistakes that I did. So stick with me if you’re thinking of epoxy as a countertop refresh.

stone coat countertops epoxy

If you keep up on my Instagram you’ll know I’ve done a couple different things to my countertops in the last 4 years. The first was an Amazon countertop kit from Givani which was very fake looking and then I tried the trend that swept us last year of marble contact paper which I don’t recommend either. So to start with, I had to remove the contact paper and then strip the old paint.

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