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Roasted Garlic Ranch Chicken Bake And Mom’s Unusual Tastes

Mom loves salad dressings. She loves them so much that she puts them in anything. If I’m addicted to cheese, she’s addicted to them. I swear I saw her use the Thousand Island dressing on bread and with peanut butter. How weird is that? But I guess this is the reason why she is able to come up with a lot of recipes that taste really good—with her experimenting with tastes like this. I remember one time when she used caesar dressing in marinading chicken breasts just because she’s tired of using the usual marinade. It tasted delicious, albeit a bit weirdly at first. It tasted nutty.

This recipe over at Southern Bite reminds me of my Mom’s weird kitchen ideas; those experiments that have gone right. This roasted garlic ranch chicken bake recipe uses ranch dressing to create a really scrumptious meal from chicken and potatoes. The philosophy behind this accidental dish is similar to a dump cake. The ingredients are put together in a dish without the cook doing some kind of mixing. They just all come together in the end, resulting to one perfect dish that everyone will love.

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