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Rasta Pasta With Spicy Jerk Chicken

If you love creamy, spicy, and decadent, then this pasta is for you. Rasta Pasta is simply a pasta dish with jerk chicken, that has been sauteed with bell peppers or your choice of vegetables, then tossed in a spicy, creamy sauce. However, there is nothing simple about the flavors here; loud and bold is what you get. The jerk seasonings really come through in the sauce while the thyme and peppers lend a nice kick of flavor. What I love most about this dish is the sauce trickling through the penne; there’s a burst of spicy sauce with every bite.

Last week I made this pasta for my family and posted it on Instagram’s, instastories. I was quite surprised at how many of you requested the recipe. I hadn’t planned on sharing it this week, but I took a few photos and wrote the recipe down. as this is something I usually freehand. I first had a variation of this dish at a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY called, Sugarcane. Whenever my husband and I would visit my mother-in-law in NYC, we’d always take a stroll down to Sugarcane for dinner and drinks. I haven’t been there in years, but I always remember that pasta dish.

In my version, I use coconut milk instead of heavy cream. I really prefer the flavor of the coconut milk. If dairy is a problem in your diet, I think you’ll really enjoy this substitution. Brand matters when it comes to purchasing canned coconut milk. Some are watery and flavorless; others filled with additives. I prefer Chaokoh or Thai Kitchen. If you like a mild coconut flavor, then use lite coconut milk or half heavy cream and half coconut milk.

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