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Practice These Yoga Poses First Thing in the Morning to Lose Abdominal Fat and Tone Your Belly!

Almost everyone has belly fat, right? But, there are a lot of people in the United States who have excess abdominal fat that could elevate their risk of insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancer types. In other words, despite the fact that belly fat really looks ugly, but it may also lead to the development of various health issues.

Many people are trying to get rid of their excess abdominal fat by practicing high-intensity and cardio exercises on a daily basis, but they still cannot completely eliminate it. So, in case you are one of those people, consider introducing certain low-intensity exercises in your daily workout regimen.

Of course that you can stabilize and strengthen your core by doing Pilates or Yoga, thus stimulating metabolism and decreasing belly fat.

Researchers pointed out that by practicing yoga, you can also improve your mood, sleep and eating habits, which help in the process of losing abdominal fat.

But, keep in mind that losing the excess abdominal fat is not a quick and simple task, so you should practice yoga for at least 3 times within a week.

Also, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as well as keep practicing high-intensity exercises.

Top 5 Yoga Poses that Help in Getting Rid of Abdominal Fat
– Mountain Pose


It is actually the most basic and easiest pose of all yoga poses for beginners that could enhance the posture, strengthen the legs, and help in losing the excess abdominal fat.

It is a standing position, so consider standing on the floor with the big toes touching and hands on both sides facing the body.

Afterwards, consider stretching the hands to the front and let your palms touch each other.

While breathing in deeply and slowly and lifting the folded hands above the head, you will stretch out the spine.

What’s more, you should also raise the ankles and stand on the toes. Moreover, your head should be raised, so that the eyes should be facing the ceiling.

While breathing normally, stay in this position for up to half a minute.

At least, breathe in deeply and slowly, and while exhaling, you should gently relax your body and bring in back to the original position. In the beginning you should do 10 reps, but then gradually increase the count with making a break of 10 seconds in between each repetition.

– Cobra Pose


By practicing this pose, you can increase your spine flexibility and strengthen your core and ab muscles, thus decreasing belly fat.

Place your body in a lying position with your toes and chin touching the floor, palms placed underneath the shoulders, and legs stretched out.

Next, breathe in deeply and slowly and lift your head and chest off the floor while keeping the lower ribs on the floor.

You should stay in this position for about 20-30 seconds.

While breathing out, return to the start position.

It is recommended to do 5 reps with making a break of 15 seconds for each pose.


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