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No-Bake Chocolate Protein Bars

Yesterday we talked who, what, where, and why for protein powder. Today I’m talking the how! How-to enjoy protein powder in tasty, no-bake chocolate protein bars.

When it comes to getting enough protein throughout the day, I usually have no problem. Milk with meals? Check. Yogurt and hard-boiled eggs for snacks? Check. Chicken OR beef for dinner? Check. Eating regular meals and snacks daily? NOPE! Not with my erratic schedule of feeding a toddler and a newborn— and chasing, entertaining, bathing, etc. them when I’m not feeding them. I’m not one for supplementing nutrients unless it’s medically necessary. And missing meals because of limited time and energy counts as a reason for these no-bake chocolate protein bars in my book!

What’s with my affinity to no-bake chocolate protein bars? I can answer that:

Convenience [which I need as evidenced by my story about no time to eat]
My pantry is overflowing with peanut butter…
Buying protein bars in the store can make your grocery bill add up!
It’s easier than you think to make a homemade version— I was inspired by this recipe.
I can pronounce every ingredient in these protein bars- a healthier version? Maybe so!

Hey Joey, get your hands outta my photo shoot!

The bar batter will have the texture of oatmeal cookie batter! But the finished product tastes sort of like a chewy brownie… the best of both worlds?!

Portioned out in individual servings!

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