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Mushroom And Swiss Cheeseburger Casserole

What are your thoughts on a good ol’ fashioned mushroom Swiss cheese burger? You know, a nice hearty beef patty that’s topped with perfectly seasoned and sautéed mushrooms, covered by a healthy smattering of Swiss cheese. Yum, yum, yum. Even if you’re not a fan of mushrooms, we think this dish could win just about anyone over. But, you know the one bad thing about a mushroom burger? It’s over way too soon, plus, in order to make them at home you’d have to spend time grilling each burger while the others get cold. No, thank you.

Instead, we turned everything about our favorite burger into a casserole that can feed a crowd and get you completely hooked after just one bite. Seriously, we convinced some non-mushroom lovers to try this and they flipped for it! Let’s break it down: ground beef and sautéed mushrooms are obvious essentials here, but where things start to get a little crazy (amazing) here is when we added in little potato dumplings. Oh my gosh, since we skipped the buns in this burger casserole, we figured it would be fine to add a little potato starchiness as a replacement…and we’re so glad we did!

So you’ve got mushrooms and onion, beef and potato dumplings, all nestled into a thick and creamy sauce that coats everything perfectly. And that’s before we sprinkle on all the Swiss cheese! All of this bakes up to molten and bubbly perfection, leaving you with a full meal that tastes incredible and that will have everyone raving about it. Garlic, Italian seasoning and Worcestershire sauce give this dish a little more pep, and we gotta say, we’re pretty (read: super) pleased with the results. Make it this week and find out for yourself!

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