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Modern Slat Window Planter

As we’ve worked to transform the front of our home, we decided we wanted to add a window box. After doing a fair amount of searching, we realized there wasn’t anything out there that fit our style. So, we designed and created this modern slat planter that extends all the way to the ground and fits well with the other updates we’ve done. It doesn’t cost much and can easily be completed in a few hours.

modern slat window planter
Build FrameI started by building the frame for the planter. I used pressure treated 2x4s and made the box the width of our window and 6 inches deep.

Attach to HouseAfter building the square box, I cut 4 pieces of 2×4 to run from the frame box all the way to the ground. Before cutting the pieces, I dug out the loose dirt beneath the box and tamped down the ground. I then measured and cut the four side boards and added another 2×4 to connect the supports on the bottom. I used lag bolts to connect the top of the box to our house, right below the window.

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