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Just Enough Kick Is What You’re Going To Find In This Southwest Pasta Salad

Our friends were having their annual kick off the summer BBQ. It was something that we looked forward to every year. They have a gorgeous backyard with a swimming pool and hot tub, fireplace, full kitchen, and everything else that anyone could ever want in a backyard. We take the kids and just have a grand time spending the whole day there. One of the things that I look forward to the most is the food! They always put out a nice spread of all kinds of summery dishes. Then, they ask everyone that shows up to bring a dish to pass as well. This year, they asked me to bring a salad.

I didn’t want to take the traditional macaroni or potato salads. I figured that there would be plenty of those and I don’t like to try and compete with anyone else’s recipe, or walk away with the same food that I showed up with. This zesty southwest pasta salad was the perfect dish.

The recipe was posted on Just A Pinch, and I printed it out as soon as I saw it. It looked pretty easy, and sounded super delish. That’s exactly what I got from it too, no surprises here.

I didn’t have to even double this recipe because it made a great big bowl. There are usually about 20 of us that show up to the event, and I figured that not everyone was going to like it with all the veggies in there… but that’s my favorite part! There weren’t any leftovers so I think it was a hit with those that do enjoy the fresh taste of a good mix of vegetables. I plan to make this all throughout the summer this year for sure! It’s going to be even better with fresh vegetables from my garden I just know it!

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