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Italian No Bake Cake

No Bake Italian Cake – This No Bake Italian Cake is like heaven in your mouth!!! It’s just that good!!! And you don’t even have to turn on the oven to make it!! Easy and Delicious is always the best!!! You’re going to want to share this one!!

No Bake Italian Cake has a creamy pineapple filling sandwiched between wafers and topped off with whipped topping and yummy coconut. This easy no-bake dessert will have them coming back for seconds! You won’t believe how simple this recipe is and really won’t believe how delicious it is. If you have been following me long enough, you may already know that I adore simple recipes, so I am thrilled to share this No-Bake Italian Cream Cake from Maria’s Mixing Bowl.

My guest blogger today is Maria’s Mixing Bowl. Just a little bit about my friends from Maria’s Mixing Bowl: Maria is a former hairstylist and full-time foodie. Growing up in an Italian household food was the centerpiece of everything. She enjoys cooking and sharing her recipes. Maria especially enjoys making easy meals that can be enjoyed by her family.  She tries to make every recipe as easy as possible. My kind of cook!

Maria enjoys all kinds of food including low carb dishes, recipe re-makes, family favorites, some recipes that she has been making since she was a child, recipes from her Mom’s recipe box, recipes that she makes over and over for her family, comfort foods and more. She likes to take recipes and re-make them by taking 3 or 4 recipes and putting what she likes from each of them together and coming up with one amazing dish.

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