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How to Use Stair Caps to Update Your Stairs

Many years ago, I created a post where I took the carpet off my stairs and updated them with Retro treads or stair caps. This has been my most popular post to date at over 2 million views. I’ve always wanted to do this project again and never had the opportunity until now. We are getting ready to put our house up for sale and the basement stairs were atrocious.

how to use stair caps to update your stairs

If you want to see my first post, you can find it here…

Here are my basement stairs. Wow, have they taken a beating in the three years that we’ve been here.

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On each riser, there was a small piece of quarter round going vertically on each side. I discovered it was hiding a good size hole behind each piece. I originally planned and bought 1/4 inch plywood to use to face the risers. Given these holes, I had to go back and buy a thicker material to hide these holes. With projects like this, add an amount to your budget for unforeseen circumstances. Anyone have any good unforeseen problems to share with us in the comments?

One of the biggest negative comments on my first post was that adding a stair cap would make the stairs too tall per code. So I looked up Virginia stair code and it said 8 1/4 inches. I marked it on my yardstick and popped on a stair cap. It looks good to me. Maybe it wasn’t to code before?

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