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How This Crafty Dad Curls His Daughter’s Hair Using Straws

How to master the elusive ‘no-hurt curl’

In this clip, Greg focuses his efforts on creating curlers that his daughter could comfortably sleep in. It may sound simple to some, but those of you who have slept in those tugging foam rollers know very well that this is no simple task!

The way he achieves this is by using ordinary, straws and pigtail elastics. He starts by lightly dampening Izzy’s locks with a spray bottle, then works quickly to twist the small sections of hair around the bendable straws. Once complete, Greg fastens the homemade rollers with tiny elastic bands, making sure to secure them smack dab in the middle of the folded plastic.

After Izzy wakes up from her night’s rest, the dad carefully removes the elastics and straws using a small nail clipper. He then separates the curls, allowing the little girl’s mane to display itself in all of its voluminous glory. The end result is so cute!

Confused yet? Don’t worry, we promise this is something ANY dad can do, but it does take some practice!

To get the full tutorial from one of the original ‘Hair Dads’ himself, be sure to watch the video below. And, heed Greg’s advice, dads—don’t you dare brush out this style, or you’ll end up sending your little girl to school looking like a poodle!

How great are the Hair Dads?! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this fantastic movement. Have you ever attended any classes held by the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory? If so, what did you learn? Do you have any school-ready hairdressing techniques you would like to share?