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How This Crafty Dad Curls His Daughter’s Hair Using Straws

Any parent of a girly girl will tell you that the hardest part about raising one of these discerning gals is that they always seem to want a new hairdo. With work, life, and family obligations taking up any semblance of free time, it sure can be hard to placate these little ones—especially when you really have no clue on how to construct even a simple pony tail!

Luckily, there are legions of amateur hairdressers on social media who are generously sharing their tried and true tress techniques. Our current fav isn’t necessarily one beauty guru per se, but an entire movement of parents—dad’s, specifically! —who are dedicating their time to teaching others how to tame their girls’ locks.

These men call themselves the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory; they are a group of mainly single dads who were, at one time or another, completely mystified by the idea of having to style their little girls’ hair.

The founder, Daytona’s Phil Morgese, began teaching free classes to other dads in his community, but after the idea took off, he developed a course for men around the nation to follow.

One of these great guys, Greg Wickherst, just so happens to be the star of today’s video. This single dad of the beautiful Izzy shows us how he gives his preschooler those classic Shirley Temple curls.

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