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How I Cured My Acne With Apple Cider Vinegar In Just 1 Week

2. Put a small portion of apple cider vinegar into a glass container
The amount of apple cider vinegar that you should use depends on the size of toner you need to prepare. However, I recommend that you start by making smaller portions of about a teaspoon. You should then increase the amount with time as you get used to it.
3. Use distilled or filtered water to dilute the apple cider vinegar for acne
Your skin sensitivity will determine the amount of water you should use to dilute the substance. Consider diluting it in the ratio of one portion of the content to about two or three equal parts of water. If your skin is sensitive, then you should add some more water to have a more diluted material. Depending on your skin type, you may have to make a couple of toners before you get the one that fits your skin the best.
4. Pour a little of the fully prepared substance onto a clean cotton pad for application
Treatment starts by cleansing your face. Ensure that you do not apply anything else on your face before your toner is dry. After it dries, you are free to use your preferred lotion or cream. Repeat this procedure twice a day until you achieve your goal. You may also consider using your toner every time you wash your face.

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