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How I Cured My Acne With Apple Cider Vinegar In Just 1 Week

Acne breaks out your face and can be very embarrassing sometimes. The blemishes caused by acne can stay on your face for a couple of months and even years. If you have ever had acne, then you must be familiar with how annoying the situation is. The condition subjects you to live with scars on your face for a long time. You could have applied various treatment methods and resources such as medicated creams, drugstore cleansers and dangerous prescription pills all in vain.
I have a very close friend who suffered the effects caused by acne since her puberty through high school and even college. She had tried all the methodologies and applications she had heard, or read of, but there was not even a single one that helped her to remedy her skin. She lived a stressful life. She had also started developing low self-esteem. Luckily, her mother read about the use of apple cider that produces vinegar to cure acne. The mom revealed the hint to her, and since she had suffered enough, she decided to try anything that could free her from acne. She tried it and it, indeed, worked. I decided to find out how apple cider vinegar works, and the following are hints to help you achieve your goal of treating acne.
How apple cider vinegar cured my acne in 1 week:
1. Buy your apple cider vinegar
When you go out to purchase an apple cider vinegar, ensure that it is unfiltered, organic, unpasteurized and it contains the ‘mother.’ The Mother is the brown strand that floats in the vinegar and is beneficial for your health.

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