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Homemade Chocolate Chip Nutty Cake

This recipe sounds like the one my Mother use to make when I was a young girl. After her death her recipes were lost in the moving. I do remember that my mother never did anything with the topping until after the cake was baked, she would put the topping on after the cake was baked then popped it back in the oven and broiled it. It always came out wonderful. I will try this recipe and see if it is the same as my Mothers. Thank You so Very Much for posting this recipes. God Bless.
This recipe is easy to make and is a very moist cake. My Mom has made this for years and it is a family favorite. Even people that say they don’t like dates,just love this cake.

When I tried this recipe I sifted my dry ingredients first before adding to the dates/water. I mixed the baking soda with the dry ingredients. I also mixed together the mayo and sugar together and added everything into this. I don’t know if this made a difference, but our cake came out moist, not heavy & dense. But it isn’t a light and airy cake either. I cut it into small squares and served at my hubby’s staff holiday party. Everyone loved it and a few ladies asked for the recipe. I omitted the nuts too, and lightly floured my pan.

I enjoyed this cake, as did my husband, but overall it lacked pizzazz. Perhaps I’ll experiment with using molasses and brown sugar for a darker cake and maybe some cloves, nutmeg and allspice for some kick to it.

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