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Fried Cheese Balls

This is a recipe I discovered through “Relish” Restaurant in GA. I just had to figure out how to minimize the amounts.
-These look awesome and I have all the ingredients already. I just bought a box of new pretzel crumb Shake and Bake, and I think I’ll try substituting that for the panko. My kids are going to love this – thanks for sharing!
-Margaret, I don’t have an attitude about anyone. You did not know the whole situation, so you should have never said anything at all. With that being said, this is a great blue ribbon recipe by a great cook, so I refuse to say any more about it to trash her recipe! 🙂
-With all due respect, I did read every single page when I initially posted…what I remember seeing was a whole lot of you. Although your intent may have been to be helpful–and maybe you were, it came across to me as more like you kept on and on about every little thing (some insignificant).It seemed like you were trying to point out things to purposley draw attention to any flaws in the recipe. If this was not the case, then please accept my apologies. I just want to make you aware of how your words may be interpreted by those of us who are not familiar with your participation. This is a public page and comments should be expected–both positive and negative, however, I would hope it would not be monopolized by a single individual.

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