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Freezer Lemon Pie

It’s time to pull out the BBQ and invite our friends over! And do go along with our meal, we have the perfect summertime dessert that everyone will love. This easy to make freezer lemon pie takes no time at all to put together, and then all we have to do is pop it into the freezer and in a few hours time we have the perfect summer treat.
Five ingredients are all we need: evaporated milk, lemonade concentrate, a pre-made pie crust, a lemon, and a little bit of sugar. We freeze the milk for a few minutes to help get the right consistency, then add in thawed lemonade and sugar. A few minutes using the hand mixer blends up a whipped pie filling that is poured into the prepared crust and then is placed into the freezer to set. To serve, we really love how the lemon zest gives the pie a pop of color but a little bit of freshness too.
Everything about this dessert is easy. We take five simple ingredients and whip them into something that practically screams summertime. This creamy, lemony filling is the perfect way to finish off a backyard meal. We love to bake, but in the heat of summer, the last thing we want to do is warm up our kitchen with a hot oven, so this freezer pie is just the solution we’re looking for. Our freezer lemon pie is a perfect way to cool off this summer.

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