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Flat Panel Door Makeover – DIY Picture Frame Molding on Door

Here we’re sharing how we made over a boring flat panel door into a beautiful statement for under $20!

easy door makeover idea

When we originally redid our playroom, one element I loved was this stunning wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia. The mural added the perfect dose of whimsy that the playroom needed but functioned as a piece of art in the view from the living room. This wall is was of my favorite spaces in my home, but the door here just didn’t fit in. Luckily, this picture frame molding DIY upgraded this door in less than an hour. I’m a beginner and if I can do this project you can too!

Step 1: Decide on the DesignThere are so many options when it comes to adding trim to your door. We chose to do a rectangle at the top and a square at the bottom. I’ve seen others create designs with three boxes or just one single box. All options will make the door look great! We used painter’s tape to lay it out on the door. This also helped us visualize and confirm this is the design we were looking for.

The measurements for the triangle were 22″ x 44″ and the square was 22″x22″. Each trim piece was 5″ away from the exterior of the door.

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