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Easy & Delicious Cowboy Caviar

Have you heard of Cowboy Caviar? It seems to me that it goes by a ton of different names: Black Bean & Corn Salad, Cowboy Salsa, Black Bean Salsa, the list goes on! No matter what you call it, this delicious dish of black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, and other goodies is always a crowd pleaser!

Did you know that 84% of Americans have experienced a “snack regret” – eating a snack that leaves you hungry and unsatisfied and makes you feel unhealthy? That’s no fun! That’s part of the reason I am loving keeping some yummy Cowboy Caviar at the ready in my fridge this summer. It’s a filling, tasty, and no-guilt snack!

Like I mentioned I usually have a container of the Cowboy Caviar made up in the fridge-it lasts about three days (if it doesn’t get eaten up first!) and tastes delicious cold so it’s a great snack. It’s also a HUGE hit when entertaining and can be prepped ahead of time.


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