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Easiest Caramel Apple Cake

So… my first fall recipe! A super easy but very delicious Caramel Apple Cake. I thought it was appropriate, having missed Halloween and all. Really, this one post a week thing is not really working out for me. There are so many delicious recipes I want to share with you, but I just don’t have the time! I mean, this is my first fall recipe. And it’s already November!

Oh wait, I forgot about the Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips… Never mind…

Anyway, when will I have time to make all those other fall recipes I’ve been wanting to post about – like pumpkin cake with walnuts and Dutch apple pie and the Rocking Rebel’s amazing cinnamon pancakes – before Christmas? Oh, and those of you still waiting for that new recipe for Spiced Pear Soufflés I promised, I’m working on it! It’s just that my life is a little crazy right now. But a good kind of crazy. In fact, I’ve got some super exciting news I’ve been dying to tell you!

I’ve been offered a writing job! Yay me! And not just any writing job, a culinary writing job! How awesome is that? I’m so super stoked about it! I’m starting my new job in December, so it’s done wonders for my thesis, too. It’s super motivating! I have to turn my thesis in on the 30th of November, remember? (hey, I rhymed!) Well, I just wrote another 546 words! On collective memory and Maurice Halbwachs! Which is pretty amazing for someone who couldn’t write 50 words a few months ago.

Apparently, I perform well under pressure!

But let’s talk a little about today’s recipe: it’s probably the weirdest cake I’ve ever made! It’s super easy and really delicious, but very, very weird.

That’s why I like it so much! Weirdness should be celebrated, right? Well, as long as it’s a good kind of weird… Like cake weird!

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