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Delightful Banana Cake

– Now it’s time to try banana CAKE! And we do mean cake. This recipe isn’t a loaf or sweet bread; it is a true dessert, as moist and delightful as you could ever hope to eat. How does it reach the perfect balance without letting the bananas take over and make it soggy? By baking it in a way that’s just a little different, and a whole lot of fun. Watch, learn, and indulge!

– I enjoy testing recipes. I found this recipe when looking for something a little different to make with 3 ripe bananas I had to use. My cake didn’t rise as high as the one in the photo appears but it tasted great. My kids don’t like nuts in baked good so I subbed in some extra chocolate chips in their place. I used 1 Tbsp milk in the glaze but wish I had thinned it a bit more because it didn’t “drizzle” very pretty on the cake- again tasted great though! My girls enjoyed it when they came in the door after school… It was so good that one daughter asked if she could have more in place of supper! (Of course I told her she had to have supper first 🙂

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