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Crock Pot Cake

– this is a really good recipe. the first time used everything as said. For Thanksgiving i used Reese peanut butter chips instead of chocolate. For Christmas i will try mint chips instead, it’s so yummy. I think it’s even better cold. Thumbs up.
– My 1st one stayed wet. It was still delicious!!!! I was told to use a paper towel in between the lid and the crockpot. Change it every hour. It kept my cake moist, but not runny! Don’t expect to frost it. It is to be scooped out. Really good with ice cream on top!!! We love it!
– I have made the cake. It came out wet the first time – yet it was delicious! I asked for help and was told to try a paper towel over the top just under the lid and change the towel every hour. Turned out fantatic! Tastes so good! Maybe you should try again now that you know it is not the type of cake to frost.

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