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Cinnamon Churro Cheesecake Dip

Cheesecake is the kind of dessert that is really hard to say no to in our book, but it can also be a bit much to put together depending on the recipe, don’t you think? With this fun dish, time is on your side with our no-bake churro cheesecake. When you combine these thick and creamy ingredients with the cinnamon and spice-inspired crust of a crispy churros…well, let’s just say this mixture is a done deal. For those of you who haven’t yet tried a churro, it’s the Mexican version of a crispy donut for lack of a better term. Layers of dough that have been deep-fried to perfection and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Sometimes, if you’re lucky you get a churro that has been filled with cream. Your day is definitely going to feel lucky when you taste our version of this delicious recipe!

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We use good, old-fashioned cream cheese, mix it up with heavy cream, and then delicious vanilla for starters. Vanilla creamer is the unexpected ingredient that we added that definitely takes this recipe to the next level. Who would think something you add to your coffee would be so great? So delicious and it only gets better from there with just a few more simple ingredients you can find in any store – or maybe they are already in your pantry! Remember the cinnamon and sugar we mentioned? Yep, it’s in there, and let’s not forget that irresistible crunch. We make it easy to accomplish with vanilla wafers or graham crackers for dipping, that makes this dish the very best of what both churros and cheesecake have to offer!

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Do you feel pressed for time? These days we all seem to be, and having a yummy, comforting dessert like this one on hand lifts the spirits! This dish is a real conversation starter, but probably the best part in addition to the flavor is how fast it’s ready. How many desserts can you make that only take 15 minutes? It’s so much better than buying something ready-made. That’s right, 15 minutes to mix all of that good stuff together and then you just pop it in the fridge to firm up a bit. Meanwhile, you can go take care of other things on your to do list or, put your feet up. What a concept!

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