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Christmas Sugar Cookie Bars

Save time this holiday season with this easy Christmas sugar cookie bars. They’re extra soft with a thick layer of frosting, and way less work than sugar cookies!

I love sugar cookies. But the reality is that they take a lot of time and effort to make:

Making the dough
Chilling it for 4+ hours
Rolling it out
Cutting out each individual cookie
And soooooo much cleanup after my kitchen table is covered with powdered sugar and sprinkles from decorating.

So if you love sugar cookies, but are short on time, then these Christmas sugar cookie bars are for you. There’s no chilling, no rolling out the dough, and no decorating skills needed.

Instead, you end up with sugar cookie bars that are extra thick, perfectly soft, and topped with a thick layer of frosting. They’re reminiscent of Lofthouse sugar cookies, but completely homemade and very easy to make.

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