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Best Sweet Potato Pie

Reviews for: Sweet Potato Pie

I was looking for a fast, easy, sweet potato pie to bake for a church function, and came across this one. I read about 50 of the reviews and decided it was the one I would make, but was surprised that not one of the reviews mentioned substituting canned sweet potatoes. I didn’t have an hour to bake or boil the potatoes, so I used a 17.2 oz can of sweet potatoes instead of 1 pound of fresh. I didn’t even warm them so they would be similar to the cooked, fresh sweet potatoes! I just opened the can, drained them, and threw them in the mixing bowl with the softened butter. I had to mix with electric mixer for a while until most of the lumps were out, but then just followed the recipe as written. I added just a little more milk since the can was a little over 1 lb. The pie was great, and saved me over an hour of prep time.

This was the first sweet potatoe pie I have ever made! I never liked the taste of sweet potatoe pies before, but my boyfriend said it was time I learned to make one. So I went looking for a good sounding one and this was the one I chose. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!! the only thing I did different than the original recipe was I mixed the sweet potatoe up by itself; before adding the butter, to get all the strings out of the sweet potatoe. My boyfriend had told me about the strings… otherwise I wouldnt have known about them either. It passed his taste test, along with mine. I would say it was a winner of a recipe. thank you for submitting it!!!!!

This is the absolute BEST recipe for a Sweet Potato Pie! I made this for Thanksgiving and 2 pies for Christmas! The flavor was outstanding, and the spices were perfect! The only thing I changed was that I added about 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour to the mixture. This addition was to help thicken the mixture. It’s a little too loose if you don’t add the flour. Don’t be alarmed when the pie rises while baking; it’ll fall when it cools. It’s DELICIOUS!!!

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