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Beautifully Tender, With Such An Awesome Crunch!

Hold on to your hats because this recipe for oven-baked pork chops is somethin’ else! No need to get all your pots and pans out for this incredible meal – these chops will be ready in no time, and you won’t have to stand by the stove to wait for it.
I used to think it takes a huge amount of work to make outstanding pork chops, and that’s why I hardly ever made them. Occasionally my husband made pork chops on the grill and they were really tasty, but I was craving for the breaded ones I had enjoyed as a kid. I finally decided to call my mother and ask for her recipe (that goes way back, by the way) and I was surprised how easy it actually was! Not a lot of hassle at all, and no fancy ingredients.

This is a very simple, easy-to-make recipe. I’ve made these so many times over the past few months and my family is completely nuts about these. I have been stocking up on pork chops whenever they’re on sale, because I know this is a meal I can whip up anytime and it will always be a success!

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