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Aunt Patti’s BBQ Baked Beans

Baked beans are a staple but my Aunt Patti’s BBQ Baked Beans are irresistible and no one can pass up a second helping!

While I was in California I got the chance to catch up with a lot of my family. I have a very big family with lots of aunts and uncles, and we live all across the country. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like but when we do get together we have a blast! There is singing, dancing, flute playing (my cousin Katie is amazing), and lots and lots of story telling. That is one of my absolutely favorite things about getting together with my family. There are stories that I’ve heard over and over and then there are the new stories that get shared to help us all catch up. Of course, we need lots of food to go with these stories.

It’s always fun to have a barbecue when you have a lot of people together and really nice weather, both of which we had for my brother’s wedding weekend. There were over 30 of us staying in a house across the street from the winery where they held the ceremony and reception. It was really great and everyone helped get all the meals prepared. So my Aunt Patti made her BBQ Baked Beans.

These beans have the great taste of baked beans mixed with barbecue sauce. I couldn’t stop eating them! We made so many but they were almost all gone by the time dinner was over. The bacon is amazing in them but we did have some vegetarians so we made a second batch without the bacon that was nearly as good. ? I had to get the recipe from my aunt as soon as I could and share it with you all. Make sure that you make Aunt Patti’s BBQ Baked Beans next time you have a barbecue this summer.

Recipe type: Side Dish

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