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Apricot Honey Pork Loin And The Sweetest Kiss

Parents know that the best way to get a kiss from their child is to offer them something that will allow them to get over their “yuck-that’s-so-cheesy-Mom” attitude. Andy, my sister-in-law, knows the best way to get her daughter to hug and kiss her in front of people. She just has to promise to make her the sweetest strawberry cake and she will succumb to her mom. Another friend of mine, Celeste, always made sure that if her boys behaved in school, she would bring them to their favorite fast food chain that served the biggest burgers. None of them hesitate hugging their mother in front of everyone in school.

It works for adults, too! Whenever I feel bad, my boyfriend cooks my comfort food to cheer me up and to apologize. My best friend always bakes the best red velvet cupcakes for her husband whenever they had a fight and it’s her fault. My Mom makes the most tempting honey pork loin for Dad whenever they have a shout out and Dad gives her the silent treatment. I witnessed it once. Mom received the sweetest kiss after Dad finished a serving of his favorite food. I wish I hadn’t witnessed that, but I also have to say that food really does work wonders at times.

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