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Apple Cinnamon White Cake

Sometimes the planets align and the first time I make a recipe and it turns out perfectly. Other times, what can I say, it is a learning experience. This was one of my learning experiences but with a happy ending.

My fellow AllRecipes.com AllStar, lutzflcat, (who takes amazing photos by the way), was the first person to make the newly published recipe, Apple Cinnamon White Cake, on AllRecipes.com. Since I was drooling over her photo and she said it was an excellent recipe as written, I gave it a try.
Now I have made many cakes from scratch before, but I have never made an apple cake from scratch. So I started to make the cake as written. One thing lutzflcat mentioned that I neglected to pay attention to was to DICE the apple. I chopped it, with a few chunks included, thinking that will be good enough. I realize now that when baking I need to pay attention to details, like dicing vs chopping, in recipes. I’m primarily a cooker who occasionally bakes as well. Usually, in cooking eyeballing it is close enough. I thought everything was good.

I made a couple of other changes to lighten up the recipe. In all my baking now I use Whey Low Sugar Replacement because it is the best sugar substitute I have tried. Of all the sugar substitutes, I think it tastes the closest to sugar and has only about 25% of the calories. It is the only sugar substitute that fooled my family. I baked a carrot cake and they thought I was kidding when I said I used a sugar substitute. They were sure it was the real deal. I learned of their product from an online weight loss group, www.kimbensen.com. I tried it and loved it. So now I use Whey Low all the time. The other change I made was to use white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. I use that in quite a bit of my baking now when I do bake. If you have not tried it before, start with substituting 25% white whole wheat flour for all-purpose flour. You may have to bump up the amount of liquid, in this cake milk. I have already included an additional 1/4 cup milk in the ingredients.

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