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A Centerpiece for the Kitchen Island in 11 Easy Steps

Step 1

The wooden panel had a few holes and imperfections that I filled with Elmer’s Wood Filler.

Without priming first, I jump right in with the first coat of chalk paint. It has excellent coverage and works better than most primers.



Step 3

Painting raw wood opens up the wood grain and creates a rough, prickly surface when dry.

A light sanding takes care of that and leaves the surface silky-smooth.

That sanding after the first coat of paint is one of my favorite things to do! It’s so satisfying when, in an instant, the wood goes from super rough to super smooth.

Step 4

Time for the second coat of paint. Chalk paint tends to feel slightly think and dry, but a quick spray with the continuous mister bottle will make it glide on smoothly.

Step 5

This is the fun part!



Dry-fit the first transfer piece to position it exactly where you need it to be. I used two pieces of painter’s tape to mark where to place the corners when permanently setting it.



Step 6

Carefully peel away the paper backing of the transfer image.



Step 7

Place the corners of the plastic cover next to the tape markers you made. Once in place, secure the transfer’s plastic cover sheet with a few pieces of painter’s tape.



Step 8

You will need a flat, hard but not sharp tool to apply pressure on the transfer, which will stick it to the board and make it come away from the plastic cover sheet.



Step 9

Slowly lift the plastic cover as you scrape, ensuring the transfer doesn’t pull away from the board.



Step 10

Time to line up the second part of the image with the first piece.



I pulled the paper backing away only on the side that needed to line up. Once the edges were lined up, I slowly removed the rest of the paper.



Repeat steps 8 and 9.



I added this little bug and butterfly that was also part of this transfer set. Aren’t they just the cutest?



I applied one coat of clear coat sealer over the whole surface to protect the transfers and paint finish from any spills or kitchen messes.



Step 11

I added two cabinet door handles on opposite sides of the panel as a finishing touch.

When measuring and marking where to drill the holes, do it on the bottom not to ruin the upper side.

A Centerpiece for the Kitchen Island – ready for spring

Judged by the transfer design I chose to use, I think it might be safe to say I have spring fever!

I am so ready for colorful flowers and butterflies and cute little critters.

The spring vibes this centerpiece adds to the kitchen make my heart happy!

This project took me less than a day to complete, and that is always a win in my book!

I would love to hear what you think! Feel free to leave a comment below.