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4-Ingredient Oven-Roasted Roast Beef

Roast beef sandwiches were my go to for many years as a kid. I especially loved it when I could get the fresh deli cut roast beef. Sometimes it would go on for like $4/pound, and my mom would stock up. I loved it! I haven’t had roast beef in yeeeears. It’s time to fix that!
Cooking and eating big hunks of meat like roast beef or tenderloin isn’t something that I think of doing. I grew up with my mom, and we just never really did the meat and potatoes thing. My SO isn’t really much of a meat and potatoes guy either. He’s more of a stewed meat and rice type, which lines up more with my tastes, too.

Roast beef though? I’m more than willing to try that. YUM! Again, it was a childhood favorite.

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