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11 Ways to Keep Your Workshop Neat and Tidy

Carpet Pad for Soft Footing

A double layer of foam carpet pad makes a luxurious but inexpensive anti-fatigue mat beside workbenches and power tools. Cut the pad to size with a utility knife, scissors or tin snips. To avoid tripping and to keep the edges from curling, tape down the perimeter with packing or duct tape. Shop safety is of utmost importance. To help you stay safe in your shop, our editors have compiled this collection of lessons learned from difficult and sometimes painful experiences.

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In-the-Bag Shop Vacuum Filter CleaningFAMILY HANDYMAN

In-the-Bag Shop Vacuum Filter Cleaning

Here’s how to clean your shop vacuum filter without filling the back yard (and your lungs) with a month’s worth of shop dust. Stick it in a plastic garbage bag, knot or grip the bag’s open end, then gently spank the filter to dislodge the dust. Set the bag down, wait for the dust to settle, then remove the filter and dispose of the bag. If you use your shop vacuum for workshop dust collection, make this adjustable hose holder and get the hose right where you need it.