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Zucchini Parmesan Bundt Bread

When it comes to bundt cakes, we’re used to all sorts of dessert variations – lemon, chocolate, cinnamon apple – but this isn’t like other bundt cakes. The bundt cake pan is typically thought of only as a vessel for cooking desserts, but today’s recipe switches things up and totally takes the bundt cake in a new direction. This here is a savory recipe that’s just as good served as a side at the dinner table as it is served at brunch. Packed with tons of zucchini, parmesan and fresh chives, this is a light bread that will have you rethinking the sweeter, cakier versions.

What we love about this bundt “cake” is how, despite all we stuffed in there, it’s not heavy at all. The eggs give the bread a slightly quiche-y quality, and the sour cream and greek yogurt keep it moist and guarantee that it won’t dry out. This cheesy zucchini bread doesn’t need butter or cream cheese to make it great, it’s amazing all by itself. We made a batch this weekend that was completely devoured, so when you do make it, prepare for it to go fast – grab your slice and get outta there!

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