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Yumy And Creamy Crockpot Hash Browns

Awesome variation to regular potatoes.
-This a great recipe….I’ve made it with diced ham at times…and also made it with browned burger..in place of the bacon….always good with a salad and rolls.
-These sound delicious……I’m certainly going to try this recipe. I might even put in a cup of chopped green chili peppers in it (I like peppers in everything, lol). Thanks for sharing…..
-I would definitely double it for 30. I have fed about 12 (maybe a few more) with it before.
-Absolutely LOVED IT! Made it exactly as written and although it made A LOT, (had it for supper, then lunch a couple of times) we were glad because it was SOOOO good! I think next time, I might add some veggies into like green beans, corn, etc. because I think that would also be wonderful. Thanks so much for the recipe!

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