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Yummy Butternuts

These are my most requested cookie. I usually make at least 500 of these at Christmas. Its a very simple recipe but packed with lots a flavor!
-I toasted the pecans which gave the cookies a deeper flavor profile. A tablespoon of Meyer’s dark rum in the glaze was also a good choice. I used 2 cups of powered sugar instead of and it was plenty. I liked these and would make them again.
-I made these Wednesday and was really disappointed. I could not find rum extract and bought rum flavoring instead. Everything else was according to the recipe. The batch made 52 cookies for the size I made. After reading the comments, I only made a half batch of the glaze, which was more than enough. I could not taste the butterscotch chips in them at all. They tasted sorta like a pecan sandie. The glaze didn’t have much of a flavor and I assume it was because I couldn’t find rum extract, ANYWHERE. I will make them again but will try either mini chocolate chips and a vanilla glaze, or just leave the chips out all together. I think the cookie itself, minus the chips, tasted good.
-OMG, these may be the best cookies I’ve ever had. Certainly the best cookies I’ve ever made. Soooooooooo gooooooooood! And easy. That’s always a plus. This is going to be a new Christmas cookie staple for me. Thank you, Denise!

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