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Yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Coconut

We got record breaking snow fall here in NW Arkansas so I decided to get creative w/the ripe bananas I had.
-Hmmm, lost my comment, I hope I am not repeating myself. I thought this would be a good breakfast item with the kids. But it was a holiday celebration time in my mouth! I got 18 regular sized muffins. Ou-is beautiful. A keeper! We had a relatively cool day here, not three digits, so I baked muffins today and enjoyed doing it!
-Made this today.. I used Milk Chocolate Chips, chopped Walnuts and a couple handfuls of Coconut… Instead of muffins I poured batter into a bread tin.. I ended up with a very moist, very heavy, dense bread that is so yummy! My husband can’t wait until after dinner… He is planning on warming a slice and placing a scoop of ice cream on top… I will make this again…. But I will need bigger pants if it on the menu on a regular basis! Hard not to keep eating!

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