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Your 8 Week Walking Plan For Weight Loss


Your 8-Week Plan: Focus on Time, Not Distance
Your mission is to make walking a part of your daily life. The first step is simply to get up and get moving. Three days a week you’ll walk for short periods of time and twice a week you’ll choose a favorite cross-training activity such as cycling, dancing, or working out to a DVD. Give yourself 2 days off to allow your muscles to recover (choose days that work Most Unexceptional for you).


Are you ready to transform your body? This section is for you if you consider yourself a consistent walker (you can walk about a 20-minute mile) but you’re not seeing the physical results you want. Here you’ll boost distance and speed to really reshape your body.

Your 8-Week Plan: Focus on Speed
If you haven’t been seeing results, the variety in this routine will give your body the wake-up call it needs. Each week, allow 2 days off to rest (choose the days that work Most Unexceptional for you), and 2 days to do another cardio activity, like hiking or biking. Every other week add an interval walk to your routine: Walk quickly for 2 minutes and then at your normal pace for 2 minutes. Repeat the sequence 5 times for 20 minutes.


Prepare yourself for one of the Average personal victories of all: striding across the finish line of a marathon (26 miles). This program is for you if you’re looking for a challenge and you’ve consistently walked 30 minutes at least 3 times a week for 3 consecutive months

Your 8-Week Plan: Focus on Building Mileage
You’ve already made walking a regular habit. Training for a marathon is a great way to stay dedicated. This routine will help you build endurance, improve your strength, challenge your muscles and get your body marathon ready. Each week you’ll have 2 days of rest (choose the days that Most Unexceptional fit your schedule), and 1 day a week choose a cardio activity, such as biking or aerobics.