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You’ll See How This Rolls Right Into Your Mouth

I tend to always go the mall about once a week as a little outing for my grandma to enjoy herself. She has really been getting ill lately and cannot do much on her own, but she still enjoys going to the mall and seeing the stores and getting a snack in the food court. Since she needs oxygen 24/7 and cannot walk long distances, I have to have her portable oxygen fully prepped and the wheelchair ready to go. It is quite a hassle honestly, to make sure everything is good to go, but I would not trade those moments with her for anything.

One thing we love is going to the mall for the cinnamon rolls. There is a Cinnabon at our local mall as well as another station for cinnamon rolls and we so love stopping to get a little snack in the mid afternoon or enjoying them for breakfast right when we get to the mall. With a cup of coffee, there is no better afternoon treat to enjoy. One of our favorites is when they make it in lasagna form. Not only is it cool, but it is totally delicious and turns out, easy to make as well!

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