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You’ll Go Nuts For This Butternut Squash Soup!

When I was little, I remember my parents teaching us that it’s the simple things in life that really matter.

Whether it was about a day trip in the summer, or an ordinary meal at home, they wanted us to be grateful for what we had instead of wanting to have something bigger, better or more expensive. Come to think of it, everyone in our large family were the same way. No matter what kind of jobs they had, or if they were able to live in a big house, or were driving a high-end car, everyone always remembered where they came from and what it took for them to get where they were now.

Whenever we had a get-together with all the aunts, uncles and cousins, it would be a potluck type of thing. And there were no fancy meals! It was all home-cooked, plain and simple ingredients, and absolutely delicious. We were all genuinely excited about all the familiar dishes that our grandmother used to make for us. Really, just the simple things and all the memories that came along with them.
For some reason, the pure simplicity of this butternut squash soup made me think of all that again.

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