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You Know What Rhymes With Bananas? Caramel!

When I was little, I used to watch in awe when my grandmother made her famous pineapple upside down cake. To me it seemed so amazing that she’d just flip the baked cake over, and suddenly you’d have this beautiful, delicious-looking cake in front of you. I thought it was pure magic, and I guarantee I could have eaten half the cake on my own, if they hadn’t watched me… I still hold on to her recipe and make it several times a year, but last week I wanted to try something different.

For some reason I always buy way too many bananas and they end up ripening too fast on the kitchen counter. I’ve turned them into banana pancakes (which are delicious – I should probably share the recipe with you) and banana bread, but lately I had gotten a little tired of both of them.
Fortuately, I happened to mention this to a friend of mine and she said she had just the right thing for me. Banana. Caramel. Upside down cake. I was so excited I practically ran to the kitchen to give it a try right away!

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