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Yes! You Can Use Chalk Paint Over Stain

Are you wondering if you can use chalk paint over stained furniture? Yes, you can and even over polyurethane too!

Many people may disagree with my decision to paint my stained and marble topped credenza with chalk paint. I’m ready for the negative comments.

There is a long term love affair with stained wood that runs deep because stain brings out the natural beauty of wood.  Part of my career was selling and marketing Cabot Wood Stain, so I get it! I really do.

However, I am all about “to each their own.”  Also, I LOVE to transform just about anything with paint.

My blog is filled with painting projects and I address how to decide to whether paint something or not CLICK HERE to read that story.

Now you are thinking about using chalk paint to transform a stained piece of furniture.

Well, I am here to help and explain exactly how to use chalk paint over stain and polyurethane!

Why Chalk Paint?

The credenza in my dining room has lived a LONG life.  It’s over 20 years old and lived in 4 homes so far.

It’s amazing and holds china, silver and crystal beautifully – selling it was not an option.

But in my dining room makeover and the French Country design the dark stain felt too heavy.

If you’d like to see my dining room makeover from the start CLICK HERE.

Credenza in Dining Room Before Chalk Paint and Stained

In the past when painting furniture and even over stained furniture, I usually started with primer and then cabinet & furniture enamel.

That leaves a finish that has more sheen than the look I wanted to achieve.

Only one paint product gives a matte finish and that is chalk paint!

Chalk Paint from Valspar

One of my best girlfriends actually launched Chalky Finish Paint at Valspar, but up to this point had never tried it!

Luckily, she talked me through what brush to use and how to apply.

It basically it came down to “slap that stuff on” ha, ha.  This was very foreign to me, after trying to avoid brush marks during every other paint project!

Chalk paint is really cool stuff and can be used over anything without primer. Nice right?

The one draw back is that you HAVE to apply a protective layer – either a wax or polyurethane (notice the can says Step 1).

Waxing scared me and wax needs to be reapplied, so that was off the table.


Fortunately for me, another friend who works for Valspar was in Lowe’s the day I bought the Valspar Chalky Finish Paint!

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